Monday, June 29, 2015

Must Find A Second Job

I have finally reached the conclusion that I have to get a second job.  :(   I am loving my current, full time job-BUT...   It doesn't pay more than the mortgage and utilities.  I need to be able to pay my bills and still have money leftover.  I need to be able to put money aside for all of life's little emergencies.
Right now I need to get a wheel bearing replaced on my car and it is overdue.  I may soon be learning to ride a bike, walk or use our very limited bus service to get around.  I need to pay for having my taxes done.  I need to get my refrigerator repaired. But first of all I need to pay for another surgery for my dog as he ate a foxtail grass seed.

So...until I have another job I need to go back to living within my means.  Around here that means what can I do without.

Soda pop...Okay I can do without it, back to drinking nothing but water.

Lunch meat and cheese?  Yes  I guess it's back to PB & jelly...bye, bye healthier eating and weight loss plan.

AC..damn I will really, really miss this in 90+ degree heat.  Long as I can have a good fan blowing on me as I sleep I can learn to do with out it.

I am already only watering half the yard....have to get some daisies and peonys moved before they die completely.  As for the roses on that side of the house and the raspberries...I'll have to move you or let you die.  :(

Hmm, I have the feeling it is time to give up the internet and keep the phone.

Refrigerator?  Well I am already learning to live without one as this repair is #four on my list of things to take care of.

What else can I do without?  Hmm, hot water, electric lights, computer, electric alarm clocks, washer and dryer along with my electric stove?  I may soon be trading the house electric for the vet bill.

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